Construction: 1950-1960
Surface: 172 km2
Volume: 1130 mil. m3
Surface: 3120 ha
Length: 31 km for the water level of 513 m
Water depth near the dam: 93 m
Width max : 2 km

The reservoir is cross by 47° latitude and 26° longitude and it is surrounded by:
- to the East - the mountains Stanisoarei (500 m high from the surface of the lake)
- to the West - the mountains Bistritei and the mountains Ceahlau (1400 m high from the surface of the lake ); the mountain Ceahlau has a great influence on the reservoir's evolution, from the climatologic and geomorphologic point of view.

One of the main characteristics of the lake is the sharp and rock shores, covered by a thin level of soil that offer bad conditions for the installation of littoral vegetation and fauna.

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