The proposed technology - Open-GIS system it is possible to make easily available the assessment of environmental costs showing to the water users their strength for improving water quality. By the fact that the Project will integrate the environmental costs for the reduction of damage costs due by pollution, it represents a necessary tool for those polluters that wish to reduce their legal taxes concerning water using and pollution.
The impact of such a system on the local users and its dissemination by web site could be considered significant as long as it could recommend the emission reduction and represents a campaign for the users' sensitivity.
o Building up packages of scenarios for future strategies of nutrient management, by changing human pressures (agriculture, fertilizer industry, chemical industry, waste water disposal).
» Methods: The different scenarios concerning the changes in nutrient emissions to surface waters and to underground water, as well as in the loads transported along the Bistrita river shall be calculated using numerical modelling approaches.

o Quantifying the suitable measures from the socio-economic point of view taking into account different factors of change such as: the rate and pattern of industrial and agricultural development, the expected growth and distribution of population, the local environmental policies that will be assessed on waste water purification, taking into account the times of construction / reconstruction of needed infrastructures.
» Methods: The suitable measures shall be characterise regarding implementation requirements, cost, effectiveness, tax level, showing their socio-economic impact and the preconditions of their application under the constraints of the environmental European legislation.

o Assessment of environment costs taking into account the pollution level supplied by the suitable socio-economics scenarios by comparison with the normal unchanged condition.
» Methods: The environment costs (e.g. cost for a higher treatment level or an increased treatment capacity) shall be estimated function of existed methodology and will be shaped into a cost database.