The dissemination plan is one of the major responsibilities of the management team. Most of the dissemination activities will be developed on the last period of the project, when it will be possible to show the project results and to organize demonstration on the system functioning.

The dissemination plan will include know-how transfer through seminars, conferences, CDs and brochures in order to disseminate the information on advanced environmental database processing and to familiarize the environmental database users with the OPEN-GIS concept (to enhance the role of models in environmental awareness) and the elaboration of Layman Report in order to be distributed to the final conference organized at the end of the project.
o Training the experts in using the system and in performing environmental assessments over the planned water use alterations in accordance with the basin management plan.
• The training Program is dedicated to the experts of Water Basins Directions and the members of the Basin Committee, in using the system and in performing environmental assessment plan.

o Organise the distance learning materials, leaflets and manuals, prepare a one-week hands-on workshop on the use and methodology of the system, prepare a one day national conference to the Ministry of Environment and Management of Water, for final dissemination of the project.
• The materials will be developed by the NIHWM in collaboration with NAM and are to be distributed on CD and WEB support.

o Participate to national and international conferences in the water resources management domain.
• The presentation will be prepared and presented by all partners.