Bistrita Basin

LIFE 03 ENV /RO/000539 DIMINISH  is a pilot project developed by the European Community and Romania.

  - The project has start at first December 2003 and it is co-financed by the European Community Commission, General Direction for Environment, in the framework of LIFE III Programm for Environmental Demonstrativ Projects.

The goal of the project is to adapt, combine and use a complex tool in the field of environmental management in order to combat the nutrients pollution across a large area of the Siret River Basin, such as Bistrita Basin - almost 20 % of the Siret basin surface. The project will integrate in Open - GIS environment the identification of sources pollution and several international competitive models that are enabling to analyze the evolution of human activities due to their complexity and due to the fact that they are developed to specific purposes. Based on a good biochemical process description within the pollution models, the developed advanced approach will allow predicting which strategy will lead to the reduction of nutrient concentrations within the Bistrita basin and respectively to the reduction of nutrient loads transported by the Siret River into the Danube.

Building into the system several measures of the Water Framework Directive (WFD), and using an Open-GIS environment, the developed system will be easily available to competent authorities, which must comply with EU Environmental legislation.

The system will diminish uncertainties related to basin management decisions and favours the possibility to inform the water users about the intended management measures, and their environmental and economical advantages. In this way it allows users implication in the basin management plans, before the adoption of final decisions concerning the necessary measures.

The system intends to integrate the following sub-components:
1. Observation and measurement of water quality elements for rivers and aquifers, stated in the Water Framework Directive;
2. Creation of an Open-GIS system for the available database, models results and monetary values of pricing policies;
3. Water quality modelling for analyse the pollution level in the surface water and groundwater;
4. Environmental and economical impact scenarios associated with respectively management measures;
5. Dissemination of the project and of the management assessments.
Project Funding
Total Cost of the Project:728 032 Euro
Eligible Cost:628 782 Euro
Requested European Community contribution:314 391 Euro